Pet photoshot – service

A House is not a home without pet.

How It Works

We book our sessions on weekends; we recommend starting first thing in the morning (around 8:30) or later in the day, near sunset (around 16:00 to 17:00 depending on the season). These times of day give us the best natural light.

Preparing for your session

First, you’ll need to choose your location. Home is always a great choice, especially for cats and shy dogs. Parks and quiet urban areas are nice choices, too.

To prepare, we recommend a quick grooming prior to the session to ensure your pet is looking his or her best! It doesn’t have to be professional – just a quick brushing, cleaning the eyes, trimming the nails, etc.

A dapper collar, favorite toys and cute accessories can enhance the session but aren’t necessary. You can bring water and a travel bowl.

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