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The right age for a photo shoot to a newborn baby

It is advisable to make photos to newborns by the twelfth day of life to the maximum, the ideal is around tenth day and not by chance, the explanation is simple:

  1. Infants are difficult to have colic that do not allow them to rest quietly;
  2. Babies still retain a fetal position, a position which, with the passing of days, tends to lose;
  3. Babies sleep for several hours and are heavily so they do not wake when they are forced to move them from one set to another or place them differently;

 How long does a photo shoot last for a baby?

The duration of a photo shoot to a newborn baby varies from 3 to 5 hours, so it is necessary to keep up to their time, then breastfeeding, lulling it to make it fall asleep. Respecting her time for lactation, pampering her and waiting for the right time for the nanna will make the photo session run in the best way, without disturbing the newborn; hence, between a set and another, they will be paused.

The Set and the Accessories

Newborns prefer to photograph while sleeping because they do not yet have a well-defined look, and if they wake up, they take postures and make movements that would not make the picture harmonious, as well as express their sweetness with closed eyes as small puppies. At home there must be the right temperature (even with the addition of a stove in the room where the photos will be made) so that the baby does not feel cold, or rather, let’s say clearly that chinille or common baby clothes are not right the maximum to use for a photo shoot, so they are taken up most of the naked times, where you can highlight their flippy folds that are created in certain positions and are as sweet and natural as possible. Parents can buy accessories for their own use in photos such as ties, skirts, bracelets, knickers, for example, for girls or caps, slippers, slippers, for example, for boys. The babies born in the summer are used to being too little dressed because of the heat, so being seated without clothes does not create any discomfort for them.

Accessories are used as baskets, wooden boxes, dry, all strictly lined inside and safe for the little one.
Obviously there will be no photographic backdrop, a butterfly pillow (for poses), stage objects (baskets, cases, etc.), large blankets for backgrounds,
soft soft blankets and soft music.