Pet photoshot – service

A House is not a home without pet.

How It Works

We book our sessions on weekends; we recommend starting first thing in the morning (around 8:30) or later in the day, near sunset (around 16:00 to 17:00 depending on the season). These times of day give us the best natural light.

Preparing for your session

First, you’ll need to choose your location. Home is always a great choice, especially for cats and shy dogs. Parks and quiet urban areas are nice choices, too.

To prepare, we recommend a quick grooming prior to the session to ensure your pet is looking his or her best! It doesn’t have to be professional – just a quick brushing, cleaning the eyes, trimming the nails, etc.

A dapper collar, favorite toys and cute accessories can enhance the session but aren’t necessary. You can bring water and a travel bowl.

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Wedding in autumn

Wedding in autumn

The autumn is perfect to get married!

The autumn is a time of magic atmosphere because It can reserve great satisfaction for those who decide to choose for your wedding, especially the months of October and November when nature dresses in warm colors.

In these magnificent landscapes months are filled with colors like yellow, red and all their infinite shades becoming protagonists together with the many seasonal fruits that you can think of using to create outfits and scenes of your wedding.

Why give away a photo shoot?

The opportunities to give a photo shoot are many: holidays, birthdays, events, or simply because we want to make an original gift and acceptable to a loved one.

if you don’t know what to give to your wedding witnesses, the photo shoot is also a different original gift box set from the usual trip or digital picture frame. Or just not to miss the best moments of our children’s first steps, the first games, the first laughter.
They grow quickly and usually there is content in the low-resolution photos made by smartphones. Giving a photo shoot family means to keep all these moments together forever, in high definition.

If you decide to give someone a photo shoot, you can contact me by email, through the contact form on my website or send a whatsapp or call me.
Once the type of service will send a surprise postcard by mail where the person will be informed of your gift! (see below)


The cost for the purchase of the gift certificate is € 200.00 which includes the photo shoot reportage style and delivery of the photos on USB support and a wooden case.
You can also customize your voucher including various optional services such as prints, albums, boxes, magazine, photo book and video.

It will be a unique gift that will leave a sign to the person who will receive it.



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